The Yakima Valley is an agricultural miracle. With over 40 commercial crops and over 1000 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, the Yakima Valley has the largest variety of fresh produce in the Pacific Northwest. Over 90 certified organic farms call the Yakima Valley home, the most of any county in Washington State.

Home to over 120 wineries and five American Viticulture Areas (AVA’s) in just 70 short miles, the Yakima Valley contains more than 17,000 acres of producing vineyards. As Yakima Valley’s viticulture has matured over the last three decades, our winemakers have risen to become some of the most respected in the Northwest, and our winemakers continue to bring in a steady stream of awards year after year.

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Did you know that the Yakima Valley accounts for over 75% of all hop production in the entire United States? This is one of the few places in the world where you can sip an IPA that was brewed with the hops that are growing right outside the brewery’s door. No wonder we have so many outstanding craft breweries in the valley!

With so many wineries, craft breweries, farms and produce stands to choose from, it can be hard knowing where to go first. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you.

Owner and Chef Brad Masset has been building farm-to-table menus for Birchfield Manor’s acclaimed restaurant and choosing local and regional wines for over 40 years. Chef Masset has pinpointed 3 of his favorites wineries, breweries and produce vendors to get you started. When you stay with us, be sure to talk to Brad about your plans for your stay. He is happy to share his insights from a lifetime in the Valley!



Cote Bonneville
The Shiels family,and their world famous Dubrul vineyard continually create some of the highest quality wines to ever come out of the Yakima valley. Kerry Shiels, head winemaker and UC Davis viticulture graduate has an unbelievable palate. He uses some of the highest quality grapes grown in the valley out of their vineyard. Located in Sunnyside Wa . 509 840 4596

Two Mountain winery
5th generation farmers, brothers Matt and Patrick Rawn have developed their passion for growing the highest quality grapes, into making some of the highest quality wine. Great place to swing in for a tasting, the only thing as good as their wine is how fun and nice all the family and employees are as well. Located in Zillah Wa. 509 829 3900

Treveri cellars
Treveri cellars is a family owned sparkling house, located just minutes from Birchfield Manor. The best part of their wines is they have so many unique sparklings, even if your not a huge sparkling fan, you will certainly find one you love. Their sparkling Syrah is my favorite! Wapato Wa. 509 877 0925


Of course, these are just three of many wonderful wineries in the valley.  For more information, click



Asparagus! April thru June
I love asparagus season, it’s only about 90 days long, and I use it every day in the season. We gorge on it because once its gone from the valley, we’re done. I don’t believe in “extending “the season and buying it from other markets. I want to pick out my fruit and produce, not check a box on an order form and see what ends up coming in from California or South America. Go see the boys at Fruit City in Union Gap for your asparagus and trust them to get you the freshest and best priced in the valley. Fruit city 509 453 2726

Cherries June thru July
Again, a very short season, but spectacular when fresh and picked up locally. Rainier cherries are my personal favorite, and if visiting the valley you’ll see numerous quality stands that will offer several different varieties. Look for bright green stems for the freshest.

Potatoes July thru November
Yes, I’m casually aware that Idaho grows a fairly good product, however the fertile fields of the Yakima valley have the perfect grounds for growing top quality potatoes as well. Look to Bouchey farms in Wapato, they grow numeries different varieties of specialty potatoes, from purple, red, white, gold, russets, fingerlings….well you get the picture. And they also have a small retail shop to buy small bags as well as big boxes for you to take home.
509 848 2061



Bale Breaker
Located just about 500 yards from Birchfield Manor, Bale Breaker is an outstanding microbrewery using their own hop fields that also surround the tap room. Big, flavorful beers, and as the name gives away, tons of hoppiness. Great beer, great family and great facility. 509 424 4000

Hop Nation
Located in a Historic warehouse in downtown Yakima, a true beer lovers find. Just minutes from Birchfield Manor. 509 367 6552

Single hill brewing
Also located minutes away in downtown Yakima, producing top quality micro beers in a family friendly tap room. 509 367 6552


Of course these are just 3 of the many craft breweries in Yakima.  For more information, click content/uploads/2017/04/CBY-Map-2017-final.pdf