Delight in Freshness at the Best U-Pick Farms in Yakima, WA

Yakima Valley is comprised of 4,311 square-miles of vineyards, hops fields, and farms. The vineyards nurture grapes that turn into smooth wine, the hops fields produce a large majority of the nation’s domestic hops, and the farms boast delicious locally-grown produce like fruits and vegetables. Eastern Washington’s climate is semi-arid and boasts more than 300 days of sunshine per year, which contributes to prosperous farms. Visit these farms and pick your own produce when you spend the day at u-pick farms in Yakima, WA. Picking your own fruit, attending local farm festivals, and viewing farm animals is a great, family-friendly way to get to know Yakima Valley. 

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Here’s How to Spend the Day at U-Pick Farms in Yakima

Why Shop Local? 

Yakima’s u-pick farms and farmers market are a couple of ways you can support our local farmers and their businesses. But, why’s it so important? After all, you can more easily purchase fruit and produce from chain grocers. One of the best reasons to shop local farmers markets is that you can directly support our residents and their livelihoods, no middle man involved! 

Additionally, a lot of these farms are proudly organic, so you don’t have to worry about any of the yucky stuff! For visitors, shop local to taste only the best in-season fruits and vegetables. This includes winter squash in the colder season and blueberries and raspberries from berry farms in the summer. 

Select Your Own Fresh Produce

As the name suggests, picking your own fruits and vegetables is the main reason to visit u-pick farms. Show yourself around acres of freshly-grown fruit trees and vines, paper bag or box in hand, and pick the ripest looking produce. Then, take your harvest home to snack on by itself or bake a delicious dessert. Both are equally delicious. Many of Yakima’s u-pick farms have on-site bakeries or country stores where you can buy freshly baked goods and other novelty items. Because our area lends itself to hundreds of square miles of farmland, there are a lot of local farms to choose from. 

Here are our top 3 favorite u-pick farms in Yakima: 

  1. West Valley U-Pick Farms and Vegetables
  2. Ahtanum Berry Patch
  3. Wahington’s Fruit Place and Gift Shop and Barrett Orchards  

Attend a Farm Festival

Aside from picking your own fresh produce, these farms give visitors other unique experiences like local farm festivals! These festivals often center around celebrating the most in-season fruits and vegetables while also bringing the community together for fun activities. One of the best examples of these local farm festivals is the iconic pumpkin patch. In the summer months, though, these festivals look like cherry and berry festivals! 

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Plated dinner of scallops and sauce at Birchfield Manor.

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