Where Are the Best Breweries in Yakima, WA?

Grapevines atop rolling hills and year-round sunshine have made Yakima, WA, a desirable vacation destination for wine drinkers, foodies, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts alike. Yakima Valley, WA, is also the nation’s epicenter for hop-growing. The Yakima Valley hop region produces 75 percent of the nation’s hops annually. Thus, there is an abundance of Yakima-sourced beer. Visiting breweries in Yakima, WA, is a popular way to taste the area’s bounty. Get insider information about our best recommendations when you request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

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You Need to Visit These 4 Breweries in Yakima, WA

1. Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Bale Breaker Brewing Company is a fairly new family-owned brewery. Started in 2013, this brewery has quickly gained popularity and is now the fifth-largest craft brewery in the state. The family has a deep-seat passion for brewing. Stop by their location less than a half mile from our inn to sip on some brew while playing games with friends of chatting while looking out onto the hop field!

2. Hop Nation Brewing Company

Hop Nation Brewing Company is named in keeping with the area’s heavy hand in hop production. Yakima Valley truly is “Hop Nation.” This brewery is a 10-minute drive from our inn and has a tasting room for sampling all of the finest brews. In recent years, Hop Nation added a menu with items that highlight the flavors in their beer. Wash down a delicious BLT with candied bacon and locally grown tomatoes on sourdough with your favorite craft beer.

3. Cowiche Creek Brewing Company

Cowiche Creek Brewing Company is passionate about their carefully brewed beers, but on a much larger scale, aims to constantly promote everything related to Yakima Valley hops region. From the start, they’ve been committed to putting care into every detail and documented their two-year journey of building the brewery from the ground up. This brewery is located a bit further from our property, so swing by during one of their many events!

4. Berchman’s Brewing Company

Berchman’s Brewing Company is nestled in the building that was originally constructed and used as Yakima’s Opera House. This brewery does more than take advantage of Yakima’s hop-growing region by producing craft beer with full-bodied flavor. Berchman’s uses a process known as bottle conditioning. This method allows the beer to age like wine. The flavors intensify and become complex over time!

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