Summer harvest sets the tone for great outdoor grilling!!

People from all over get geared up for Yakima Valley’s bountiful harvest season.  From our famous cherry harvest to asparagus; No other season offers the freshest fruits and vegetables to compliment a backyard bbq .  Our valley farmers grow over 10 varieties of cherries alone with Bing and Rainier being the most popular varieties.  Vegetables like asparagus, squash, Walla Walla sweet onions, and mint (many of which we grow in our own garden for our guests) compliment any summer-time dish with their light but flavorful qualities. 

Each year, we plant and harvest many seasonal vegetables and herbs ourselves to use in the dishes we serve our guest.  Like many others, we also take advantage of our neighboring farmers and buy locally the items we don’t grow ourselves.  We are blessed to have so many choices of wonderful home grown products we proudly serve on our tables. 

As you drive through the valley to visit your favorite winery or stay in a turn-of-the-century bed and breakfast to enjoy a beautiful summer weekend; make sure to take time and visit a road side fruit stand.  Many of these stands are family owned and are stocked with daily fresh pricked fruit and produce.  If you don’t make it to one of those, our valley is spotted with good, old fashion farmers markets where farmers from all over set up shop to sell their prized crops for you to enjoy. 

Whether you live in the valley or are just visiting, take time to slow down, smell the flowers, enjoy the view, and celebrate the great flavors found right outside our back yard.  We do, and we highly recommend it!!