Flavors of the season

  Only the best from our valley


In the Yakima Valley, our climate is perfect (at least we think so), our soil is fertile, and our way of life all goes back to agriculture. Apples, pears, cherries, hops and grapes are staples. That is part of why living in Yakima was so important to our chef, Brad Masset. Fresh picked and hand delivered, Brad recognizes that good food means quality, fresh ingredients. Having them right out his backdoor—sometimes literally—adds another dimension to his dishes.

At Birchfield, right outside the dining room window is a fresh herb garden and home grown tomatoes. The surrounding grounds contain a small vineyard and other vegetables that grow all summer. Brad’s backyard is an extension of his kitchen, and Brad believes in consistent quality of the highest caliber. Come taste nature’s bounty through a local chef and artist who will transform local produce and meats into an amazing combination of delicious flavors.