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Easter-a time for family

Like most holiday’s, Easter means something different for each and everyone one of us.  For me, although I do take note the symbolism of the day, I must admit; I think more about the fact Easter is my time to take a little break from the hustle of the culinary business and enjoy the sweet, simple memories that come each Easter with my family.  From the family gathering to the traditional Easter egg hunt to of course, the grand Easter dinner; it always comes back to food, doesn’t it?

Did you know the most innocent tradition of Easter, the egg hunt, seems to have the richest tradition and complex symbolism of today’s celebrated Easter traditions?  It’s hard to image the activities of boiling eggs, dyeing them, and watching your children enjoy the “find” came with such deep meaning as “new birth” “resurrection” or “new life”?  Amazing isn’t it?

Each holiday, no matter how it ranks in your family as most favorite or most important, is still a time to reflect on the past, dream for the future, and celebrate the present.  Because today is truly a present.  Holidays are a lot like cooking; it’s a time to create something special that means something different to each of us but is only truly special when we can share with those we love. 

Celebrate all that Easter, spring time, and great food brings to your home! 

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