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  Like Father like Son

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Brad Masset may be a young chef, but don’t let that fool you – he has skills far beyond his years. His talent in the kitchen is hard to describe; we recommend you try his dishes for yourself. Fresh food, proper technique, and a unique mix of flavors define his style. He brings with him the heritage passed on by his dad, but Brad is a leader of his own generation: casual, hip, and approachable.

Brad didn’t always intend to be a chef. But growing up around his father had an effect on him, and soon Brad realized his passion was culinary arts. Brad trained at the South Seattle Culinary School, eventually returning to his roots in Yakima and his heritage at Birchfield. With a sense of pride he creates a masterpiece with every plate.

Brad is married with two young boys and a dog. He loves boating, skiing, golfing, fishing, and of course, cooking.

His father, Wilford Masset, got his culinary start at Edison Technical School (now Seattle Central Community College). Since he can remember, he always wanted to be a chef. "I don't remember not wanting to go into the business," he explained. He cooked at American restaurant Olympic in Seattle, then at the Schweizer Hetelier-verein in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Working in Europe had an impact on him. "It molded my style," he said.

By accident, Wil and his family were driving around the Yakima area and stopped in at Birchfield, which happened to be for sale. Looking back, it seems more than just an accident. He quit as an instructor at South Seattle Culinary School and moved his family to Birchfield. Running a bed and breakfast had been in the back of his mind for almost 10 years.
Young Brad was just 4 years old, but he understood that his dad was now the "boss" at the Birchfield restaurant. He used to ask his dad: "Did you fire anyone today?"

Brad and Wil agree, being a good cook is part training, part instinct. Its adaptation and evolution. They try to think outside the box and offer that something extra you might not expect. Think handmade chocolate truffles and marinated duck. Pork loin piccata with white wine, lemon and caper sauce. And tomorrow? Join our e-mail list or mailer to receive updates on special dinner events with menus.