history of the inn

  1910 to Present Day


1910: It began with 15,000 acres dedicated to a sheep farm. Thomas Smith was a man who appreciated the lush, fertile Yakima Valley, but wanted to be close to town. He thought the spot now known as Birchfield Manor seemed an ideal place to settle. And so for $15,000 the red brick Main House was built with eight bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large living and dining area, kitchen, and basement. He hired a Chinese cook to staff the kitchen. Later Smith’s daughter, Agnes, and her husband, Alex Dunnett, occupied the home for a short time.

1950s: Well respected former state senator Alex Deccio bought Birchfield Manor. He and his wife raised their seven children here. Deccio was elected to the Legislature nine times, serving in the public sector for a total of 32 years and bringing millions of dollars to Yakima development projects. He retired in 2006.

1978: Wilford and Sandy Masset bought the property, bringing with them their children, among them Brad Masset. A year later, the couple turned the house into a restaurant downstairs, while the family occupied the upstairs. Ten years went by until it became a bed and breakfast, with guest rooms upstairs and the family moving into a different house on the property. Brad remembers growing up there, watching people arriving in limos and dressed to the nines. “It was a special place,” Brad remembers.

1990s: Brad Masset bought Birchfield, continuing the legacy his father started of fine dining and secluded, personal accommodations, but adding his own casual touches. Today, the grounds encompass 14 acres and include the Main House, the Cottage with additional rooms, a swimming pool, pond, vineyard, and garden, as well other personal property.